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Benefits of Organic Pads for Menstrual Health

Every woman spends more than 30,000 hours on average wearing sanitary pads in a lifetime. There are varieties of sanitary pads available such as herbal/organic pads, cotton/semi-cotton pads, synthetic pads etc. Hence, it is important to choose the right type of sanitary pad for your period.

Normal conventional sanitary pads are made from a blend of rayon, cotton and up to 8o% plastic. Multiple layers of polymers are included to make the core absorbent and pads are bleached with chemicals which may cause skin irritation and allergies. On the other hand, organic pads are made from one or a combination of hibiscus plant, bamboo pulp, banana fibers, organic cotton etc. These organic pads reduce the health hazards for women because they don’t contain harmful chemicals.

Mama Quilla Premium Herbal Sanitary Pads are a leading brand for production of eco-friendly pads made from natural hibiscus plant. Mama Quilla supports the concept of ‘Chemical-free period’ and aims at providing organic period products owing to the safety of women’s health.

While it takes upto 700 years for a conventional pad to degrade, organic pads are totally bio-degradable and safe for the environment. Some of the pesticides used in normal pads are extremely harmful to your health and in some cases, it breaks down into synthetic estrogen, giving rise to reproductive problems and infertility. Exposure to chemical called dioxin used in the bleaching process has been associated with high risk of causing cancer, hormone issues, painful periods etc. Certain chemicals and fragrances used pass into your body and bloodstream which is more dangerous. Hence, every woman deserves a chemical-free healthy period by using organic pads instead of popular conventional pads.

Herbal organic pads, made form manmade fibers, allows the skin to breathe while keeping you dry. This minimizes the risk of fungal/bacterial infections due to trapped moisture/heat. The soft, herbal material reduces the risk of allergies and skin irritation. Moreover, herbal base of the pad make the products bio-degradable and decomposes within 2 years.

Mama Quilla Premium Herbal Pads are tested for BIS, 100% organic and are bio-degradable. Keeping in mind the safety of women’s health, Mama Quilla Herbal Sanitary Pads are made with natural plant fibers having high absorption capacity. These pads have only natural fragrance and is non-toxic to the skin. They are leak-proof and do not produce skin rashes. 

With these premium quality herbal period product from Mama Quilla, you can experience a safe, healthy and chemical-free period while it is also better for the environment. You can purchase Mama Quilla Premium Sanitary Pads at at affordable prices.