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My first period, what to do ?

Menarche refers to the first menstruation in a girl’s life. It is distinct, as it the defining part of your body’s transition from childhood to adulthood.

Menarche / first period typically occurs at the age of 11- 13 years. Every individual’s period is different. They tend to vary in duration, frequency and the amount of menstrual discharge. For few girls, the first period starts light with some spotting or brown discharge, while some girls start off with bright red discharge. In either cases, it is natural.

Understanding your body and knowing when and how periods occur can help you tackle menstruation with no trouble.

Menstruation is hormone regulated. The hormone oestrogen produced in the ovaries stimulates the production of an egg, which matures and moves to the fallopian tube towards the uterus. On this activity, the ovary produces a second hormone called progesterone. In response to the hormonal changes, the uterus walls thicken, making it ready for fertilisation. When fertilisation does not occur, the thickened walls and tissues are shed out of the body in the form of menstrual or period discharge. This cycle takes place every 28 days and the period lasts from 3-6 days on average, depending on your body.

On occurrence of your first period, you may experience fatigue, bloating, tender / sore breasts, acne, mood swings, abdominal and leg cramps etc. Cramps can be managed by regular stretching and exercising, warm baths, placing heating pads on abdomen. Yoga, meditation is recommended to reduce anxiety / stress and to manage the symptoms of pre- menstrual syndrome. Nutritional and balanced diet with adequate hydration helps you have healthy menstrual cycles.  

Below are some of the menstrual products that are beginner friendly-

  • Period underwear – It is a regular underwear, except it has a thick absorbent fabric that effectively absorbs period discharge. They must be changed periodically and washed. You should be careful and wash it completely neat to avoid spread of infections.
  • Pads – These are the most commonly used. They are soft and made with absorbent fabrics that are to be placed to your underwear and changed every 4-6 hours. They are available in different sizes from small to large, can be used according to your period flow.
  • Tampons – They are tube-like menstrual product that are to be inserted in your vagina. The tampons absorb the menstrual blood and must be pulled out with the string attached and discarded periodically. They come in different sizes and absorbencies.
  • Menstrual cups – They are small reusable cups that are inserted in the vagina, which collects the menstrual discharge. They must be removed and emptied every 8-10 hours. Clean wash and sterilising is needed to prevent bacterial infections.

It is advised for every girl to choose the right menstrual product based on personal comfort. Out of several menstrual products such as sanitary pads/ napkins, tampons, menstrual cups etc., it is widely preferred to start your first period with sanitary pads and try other products eventually.

MamaQuilla Sanitary Pads care for every women and takes responsibility for period hygiene and vaginal hygiene by providing the globe with premium quality chemical – free sanitary napkins. MamaQuilla pads are suitable and suggested for all young girls having the first period to provide them with utmost comfort. These cotton napkins with wings are ideal for all body types and is the best period product for heavy flow. MamaQuilla Herbal sanitary pads wishes all the young menstruating women a happy experience with the most hygienic menstrual product.