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Brand Mama Quilla
Style Modern
Size XXL
Material Cotton
Material Feature Natural
Net Quantity
Number of Items
Scent Unscented
Item Form menstrual pads

Mama Quilla Feature 4

High Absorbent

Mama Quilla Feature 2

Leak Proof

Mama Quilla Feature 1


Mama Quilla Feature 3


1.Mama Quilla organic sanitary pads provide a gentle feel against your skin.
2.Whether you have a light or heavy flow, Mama Quilla herbal sanitary pads offer long-lasting leak-proof protection.
3.Mama Quilla understands the needs of modern women & provides the convenience of napkins with wings. They offer ultimate relief, allowing you to move and sleep freely without any hesitation. can say goodbye to concerns about rashes and irritation and welcome the soothing comfort with Mama Quilla’s herbal sanitary pads.
5.Enjoy a fresh and secure experience with Mama Quilla sanitary napkins, which are specially designed for heavy flows and sensitive skin.
6.These pads come in Quad Seal packaging, ensuring that they remain as fresh as the day they were packaged, ready to provide you with the comfort and protection you deserve.

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Mama Quilla Herbal Sanitary Pads from the House of Shadow Etail, India’s leading LifestyleUtility House of D2C Brands

Ranked 16th in Amazon Marketplace Best Seller’ 2023
Shadow Etail™ is one of the fastest-growing companies in India. With a wide variety of products across multiple categories they are one of the top 100 sellers in Amazon with many products in the Top 10 best sellers.

Say hello to stress-free periods and discover the difference with Mama Quilla’s herbal sanitary pads.

During your menstrual cycle, you can enjoy maximum comfort and protection from irritations with Mama Quilla’s line of eco-friendly herbal sanitary napkins. Made from natural, highly absorbent materials & as an added bonus, they are proudly made in India with the needs of Indian women in mind.

Experience unstoppable vitality even on your heaviest flow days with Mama Quilla’s herbal sanitary napkins. Infused with the essence of Hibiscus and natural absorbents, these chemical-free sanitary napkins provide unparalleled dryness. Mama Quilla values the importance of seamless comfort, enabling you to wear these sanitary pads even while sleeping.

In the vast array of choices available, Mama Quilla shines as a leading provider of high-quality sanitary pads in India. They stand out for their unique approach, use of natural materials, and careful design, making them the preferred option for women who value comfort, dependability, and chemical-free period protection.

Mama Quilla stands out from other feminine hygiene brands due to its innovative Quad Seal packaging, which ensures freshness and reflects their dedication to innovation. If you’re looking for an alternative or the best sanitary pads for your period, Mama Quilla herbal sanitary pads is an excellent choice.

Mama Quilla is an unrivaled leader in feminine products, particularly sanitary pads, in India. If you’re looking for the best period products, particularly for heavy flows, Mama Quilla’s herbal pads are an excellent choice.

Say goodbye to the worries of discomfort during heavy periods with Mama Quilla’s pads. Mama Quilla prioritizes women’s intimate health by producing chemical-free sanitary napkins. Their use of herbal ingredients, such as Hibiscus, has revolutionized feminine hygiene.

  1. How to use a sanitary napkin?
  • Remove the release paper on the back of the pad.
  • Stick the pad on the panty.
  • Remove the release paper from the wings.
  • Wrap the wings around the panty.
  1. How long can I use a sanitary pad?

Sanitary pads are designed to absorb the vaginal mucus and blood that is discarded by body during menstruation. When the pads are left for too long it attracts bacteria and sweat that combines to give an unpleasant odour.
There is no fixed answer for how long to use a pad as the period flow differs in every woman. But do not wait for your pad to become full. Analyse your period flow and currate a routine to change your sanitary pads. Advantage of Mama Quilla premium herbal sanitary pads are that they have natural fragrance to prevent period smell and they are leaking proof to have a stress-free period experience.
Don’t forget to carry an extra sanitary pad in your bags to cope with unexpected periods.

  1. How do I choose the right kind of pad?

Sanitary pads are available at different sizes, thickness, with or without wings. Mama Quilla pads are available in a variety of pack sizes and pad length.
Large (240mm)
Extra large (280mm)
XXL (320mm)
XXXL (360mm)
XXL and XXXL pads can be used at night as they have extra coverage and offers a peaceful sleep during the period nights.
Trial packs are available to help you experience various sizes and choose the best that suits you.

Mama Quilla Premium Herbal Sanitary Pads Organic For Women & Girls

  • Made for heavy leaks with extra length and absorbency for extra secure protection during the night.
  • The pads are perfect for light to moderate leaks and offer complete protection you can barely feel.
  • These pads are ideal for light leaks and offer complete protection you can barely feel.
  • Both of these pads are great for heavy leaks and offer secure protection you can barely feel.
  • Core shaping elements and wings give V-Protection pads a superior fit, enabling them to shape themselves to your unique body and flow.

Customer Reviews


May 14, 2024

It is very comfortable, no leakage even during heavy flow.

Very thin napkin which doesn’t feel like it’s there. No rashes, no foul smell.

Best grip on sticker and length.


Best Sanitary Napkin till date

August 11, 2023

1. 100% natural no plastic at all.

2. Definitely 200% absorbing capacity compared to various other brands.

3. Very Very helpful for heavy flow during day and night.

4. Napkin doesn’t move and the glue on wings is also super. Never faced any leakage problem.

5. No itching no rashes and most importantly doesnt feel like wearing a pad so thin.

6. Didn’t experience heat or cramps and never felt the wetness at all, no smell and moreover releases fresh camphor/mint like smell.

7. Felt a bit cooling sensation

Deepika A

Comfortable and soft

August 9, 2023

After using this sanitary pads it feels like very comfortable.Easy to use.also size is perfect for me. Built material is very soft and rash must definitely go for it.

Sharmila devi

Very good

August 9, 2023

Nice product



August 9, 2023

It’s soft and comfortable. No rashes issues.


Awesome Napkins

August 9, 2023

It is really awesome product. It is very user-friendly. Rash free product


I loved the quality

August 9, 2023

Such a amazing quality

Rina Patel

Pack Size

6 Pads, 15 Pads, 20 Pads, 25 Pads, 30 Pads